*Inclement Weather Policy*

Healthy Moms PowerStrollŪ classes may be held in damp and drizzly weather. Under these conditions, please be prepared to bring large trash bags (to use under blankets), raincoats for yourself and baby, umbrellas, towels, and extra clothes if desired. The instructor is responsible for making "the final call" whether the class is held.

Our #1 goal is the safety of our "moms" and their children. For that reason, there will be NO CLASSES when there is potential threat of thunderstorms, heavy downpours, snow or any weather defined as "severe" by local weather stations.

When in doubt, please call your instructor or 919-781-MOMS (6667).

In the event of cancellation, make up classes will be provided either as an extended class to the current session, or additional make-ups for another postpartum class during the session.





"It's more than a walk in the park!"
Take it outdoors with this complete workout for Mom and Baby/ies that targets those problem areas that arise from pregnancy. (No umbrella strollers, please. All strollers must have functioning, locking brakes for safety.)




Wake County Dates & Times
There are no currently scheduled PowerStroll® classes at this time. Please check back with us for the Summer 2015 schedule!

Durham/Orange Counties Dates & Times
Days,locations and times subject to change based on availability!

Spring 2015 Session - Starts week of April 12th!

Tuesday mornings
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9:15 - 10:15 am
Chapel Hill Community Center Park
Chapel Hill, NC


Is this a class where moms can meet and walk through the park together?
Yes, and no. PowerStoll® is a great way to meet other moms (and other children!), but it's NOT just a walk in the park! The class begins with a warm-up and proceeds through a challenging circuit around each park designed to improve your cardiovascular strength and endurance. The class includes upper- and lower-body strengthening, abdominal, and pelvic floor exercises.

Do I have to have a jog stroller to take this class?
No. Your stroller must have functioning brakes and, preferably, a bar handle across the back. We discourage the use of umbrella strollers or strollers with similar handles.

May I participate in PowerStroll® during my pregnancy?
PowerStroll® is a class specifically designed for postpartum women and is not recommended for our pregnant moms.

When can I start PowerStroll®?
You may start PowerStroll® after your six-week postpartum check-up and/or once you have been given clearance by your doctor or midwife to return to exercise.

How old must my baby/-ies be in order for me to participate in PowerStroll®?
Six weeks (to coincide with your six-week postpartum check-up).

My child is two years old. Am I too far postpartum to participate in PowerStroll®?
No! Healthy Moms® has set no age limit for children (or moms!) who participate in PowerStroll®. Just be prepared for a more intense workout thanks to the extra weight you'll be pushing and pulling!

Is it OK to take PowerStroll® if I'm nursing?
Yes. We take water breaks at every stop to ensure you stay well hydrated throughout class, which is especially important for nursing moms. If it's lactic acid build-up that concerns you, be assured that studies have shown there is no need to worry. Some moms arrive at class a few minutes early to nurse their babies before the start of class to accommodate Baby's feeding schedule and to relieve any discomfort that may be felt when exercising with full breasts.

What if I need to feed my baby/-ies during class?
That's OK! All of your instructors are moms, themselves, and have all been in the same position! There are plenty of park benches along the way in each park that make nice spots for feeding Baby. Moms who need to stop along the way simply catch up to the rest of the class when they're ready.

My baby's not used to the stroller, yet. What if s/he cries through class?
You and your baby are not alone. Most babies take two to three weeks to adjust to the stop-and-go rhythm of PowerStroll®. Should you choose to ignore the crying, knowing that your child's basic needs have been met, know that we won't think you're a "mean mom!" (After all, it's what we, as instructors, have to do, ourselves!) At the same time, should you choose to stop and console your child, we won't perceive you as a "lazy mom," either. Healthy Moms®views this as your hour and fifteen minutes out of the day that is for YOU! Use it as you wish.

What should I wear to class?
Dress appropriately and comfortably, according to the weather. In cooler weather, we recommend layers that you can shed as your body begins to warm with the workout. We also recommend a good, supportive sports bra (those designed for nursing mothers are available) and running or crosstraining shoes. Don't forget your hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen, too, for you and Baby/-ies on sunny days.

How do I keep my baby/-ies cool during class?
If your stroller fabric is dark, you may wish to line it with a light-colored blanket or towel. Portable, clip-on fans are available at most discount stores and may be clipped onto stroller canopies, out of reach of your child/-ren. Remember, though, that you're the one exerting yourself. Baby/-ies may get warm, but they're pretty much along for the ride and get the benefit of a breeze, as well!

Should I eat before class?
We ask that you eat a light meal, or snack, about an hour, or two, before the start of class.

What should I bring to drink to class?
Be sure to bring a full water bottle with you. We take water breaks at every stop during class. Staying well-hydrated is especially important if you are nursing. In hotter months, you may wish to combine an electrolyte replacement drink (such as Gatoradeâ) with your water, though this is optional.

Can I just show up for class when I'm ready to start?
No, you must first contact Healthy Moms® to schedule your orientation and confirm written consent from your OB or midwife. For Raleigh/Cary classes call 781-MOMS or email info. For Durham/Chapel Hill classes call 489-MOMS or email Tiffany.

Do I need written consent from my OB or midwife to participate in your programs?
Yes, for most moms. If you are less than three months postpartum and new to Healthy Moms®, you must obtain written consent from your doctor or midwife. If you need assistance obtaining your consent, please contact the Healthy Moms® office-we're happy to help.

Will my instructor be certified in pre- and postnatal fitness?
Yes! All Healthy Moms®instructors are Certified Perinatal Fitness Instructors. Many have additional fitness certifications, as well. (To learn more about your instructors' qualifications, see "About Us" on this website.)

Where in Pullen Park does PowerStroll® meet?
Follow the main road into the park past the aquatics center and playground, up the hill, straight into the parking lot just beyond the big, round shelter. You'll see us setting up our strollers there.

Jogging Strollers

The popularity of jogging strollers among parents has increased dramatically in recent years. They can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes and prices to match almost anyone’s needs.

Features to Consider When Purchasing a Jogging Stroller

• Although most models are all-terrain, some handle uneven surfaces better than others. Those with larger (20’’) wheels and pneumatic, air-filled tires provide the best shock absorption.
• Make sure that the model folds easily for transport in your vehicle or for storage at home. Some models have detachable wheels that make storage easier.
• The lighter the stroller, the more you will enjoy pushing it during your walks/runs.
• Seating material varies from plastic to machine washable fabric. Some strollers have deeper, wider seats for larger children and padded frames in the seating area.
• Some models come with handles that can be adjusted to suit the height of the walker / jogger.
• Some models come with a sun / rain canopy, which will make your child’s ride more comfortable.
• Prices range from ~ $100 - $600. Warranties vary. Consider taking one out for a “test ride” before purchasing.

Jogging Stroller Safety

• Standard safety features (i.e. deep seat with seat belt, locking brake, and a safety wrist strap) are essential
• Use the parking brake when putting your child into and getting him / her out of the stroller.
• Use the stroller only for walking or jogging, not with skates or roller blades! Stopping is difficult without the full use of both feet.
• Turns should be executed using a wide arc.
• Always use the wrist strap to prevent the stroller from breaking free. (A heavy-duty nylon dog leash makes a great wrist strap if your stroller does not have one).
• Do not overload your “cargo carrier” with unnecessary items

Child’s Comfort and Safety

• Dress your child appropriately. Their body temperature can actually drop if you are running / walking into the wind, especially on cold days.
• Use a light blanket or towel fastened to the canopy with clothespins to protect your child when needed.
• A light-colored towel or thin blanket between the child and the seat is recommended for hot days.
• Remind older children to keep their hands and feet away from the wheels and not to unfasten the seat belt or try to get out of a moving stroller.

©1999 Sheila S. Watkins, Healthy Moms®

Pullen Park: Take Hillsborough Street to Ashe Street and Pullen Park will be approximately 1 mile on Right

Woodcroft Swim and Tennis Club: From Chapel Hill: - Take Hwy 54 East toward Durham. - Turn slight left onto NC-751 / Hope Valley Road - Turn right onto Woodcroft Parkway and the club is approx. 1/2 mile on the right.
From Durham: - Turn into Woodcroft from the intersection of NC-751/Hope Valley Road and Woodcroft Parkway. - The club is approx. 1/2 mile on the right.

Blue Jay Point Park: Take Six Forks North (from 540 or the beltline),continue north until the turn left at Possum track/Bay Leaf. Continue down Six Forks over Falls River and up the hill. Take a right onto Pleasant Union Church Rd., continue and go throught the circular entrance. Take the first left into the parking lot at Blue Jay Center. http://www.wakegov.com/parks/bluejay/default.htm

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