Inclement Weather Policy
Healthy Moms AquaMoms® classes may be held in damp and drizzly weather. Under these conditions, please be prepared to bring umbrellas, towels, and extra clothes if desired. The instructor is responsible for making "the final call" whether the class is held. Our #1 goal is the safety of our "moms". For that reason, there will be NO CLASSES when there is potential threat of thunderstorms, heavy downpours, snow or any weather defined as "severe" by local weather stations. When in doubt, please call your instructor or 919-781-MOMS (6667). In the event of cancellation, make up classes will be provided either asan extended class to the current session, or additional make-ups for another prenatal class during the session.


This is the ultimate in low-impact workouts! It builds strength and promotes balance in the comforts of a pool.

Wake County Dates & Times
There are no currently scheduled AquaMoms® classes at this time. Please check back with us for the Summer 2015 schedule!

Durham County Dates & Times
Days,locations and times subject to change based on availability!

AquaMoms® Spring 2015 Session - Starts week of April 12th!

Tuesday Mornings
AquaMoms® & Baby
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10:30 - 11:15 am Chapel Hill Community Center Park
Chapel Hill, NC
Tuesday Mornings
Prenatal AquaMoms®
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11:30 - 12:15 am Chapel Hill Community Center Park
Chapel Hill, NC


Moms are asked to wear aqua socks for traction and protection. An old pair of aerobics shoes, with holes drilled into them for drainage, will work fine, as well. Locker rooms are available for participants.Locker rooms are available for participants. Daycare, however, is NOT available, though other areas and pools in the center are open for play and lap swim, should dads (or whoever) wish to come play with older siblings. Current clients who are new to water aerobics need to arrive 10 minutes early to learn about safety precautions, etc., particular to the aquatic environment. For AquaMoms® and babies classes, babies must be at least 4 months old to participate.

Do I have to know how to swim to take this class?
No. Most of our classes take place in shallow water. Going deep is always optional, and floatation equipment is provided for those times we want to go deep for zero impact.

Why do I need to wear shoes in the pool?
Shoes provide additional support to lax joints, as well as safety, and give you traction as we travel around the pool. Another benefit is that they add a little more resistance to your workout! Foot protection can vary form aqua socks (available in most discount stores during summer months) to an old pair of tennis shoes with holes drilled in the bottom for drainage.

When I think of water aerobics, I think of exercise for seniors. Is it really a good workout?
Our moms work in all our classes; after all, you're in training for labor! We take advantage of the properties of water, including the fact that it provides 12 times more resistance than air. You will get a safe and effective workout without even realizing it due to the properties of water.

I like the idea of water aerobics, but I really don't feel comfortable putting on a bathing suit. Is this class for me?
There is no need to be shy. You will be with plenty of other moms going through the same thing. Another plus is that once you are in the pool, all that is seen are your shoulders and beautiful smiles!

Is water good for reducing swelling?
Due to the hydrostatic pressure of water, it is great at pushing fluid from the tissues back into the bloodstream for elimination. Some studies show that it is more effective at reducing swelling than the traditional recommendation of bed rest with elevation of the feet.

Do I need to drink water during this workout?
Absolutely! You're working hard and, though you don't feel it as much in the water, your body heats up burning extra energy. Staying well hydrated during any pregnancy workout helps your body continue to cool itself (and Baby/-ies!) and minimize the chance of contractions.

Should I eat before class?
We ask that you eat a light meal, or snack, about an hour, or two, before the start of class.

Can I just show up for class when I’m ready to start?
No, you must first contact Healthy Moms® to schedule your orientation and confirm written consent from your OB or midwife. For Raleigh/Cary classes call 781-MOMS or email info. For Durham/Chapel Hill classes call 489-MOMS or email Tiffany.

Do I need written consent from my OB or midwife to participate in your programs?
Yes, for most moms. If you are less than three months postpartum and new to Healthy Moms®, you must obtain written consent from your doctor or midwife. If you need assistance obtaining your consent, please contact the Healthy Moms® office—we’re happy to help.

Will my instructor be certified in pre- and postnatal fitness?
Yes! All Healthy Moms® instructors are Certified Perinatal Fitness Instructors. Many have additional fitness certifications, as well. AquaMoms® instructors, for example, are Certified Aquatic Fitness Instructors. (To learn more about your instructors’ qualifications, see “About Us” on this website.)

Pullen Park: Take Hillsborough Street to Ashe Street and Pullen Park will be approximately 1 mile on Right

Fitness Connection - North Hills Lassiter: From Beltine, take Six Forks exit. At the first light take a left into the "Lassiter" shopping complex. Continue straight and the gym will be on the left.

Gypsy Divers Aquatic Center: 3651 Bastion Ln, Raleigh, NC 27604

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